Milk is tested at BMC/CC/District union Dairy/Metro Dairy laboratory, chemically and bacteriologically to ensure procurement of quality of milk. Quality milk procurement from the societies is essential before the milk is sent for processing manufacturing of milk products. All quality standards of milk and milk products are to be ensured in the best interest of the consumers.

Adequate training is being imparted at all levels including milk producers. society staff, district Union staff and federation staff to ensure to acquire knowledge in testing of milk during collection of milk at society / BMC / CC / Dairy / FBD / Metro dairies.

The milk procured by the primary milk Producers Cooperative Society is being tested thoroughly and duly ensured that the milk producers are getting reasonable price for the milk on quality basis and as per solids not fat (SNF).

To distribute, hygienic and quality milk and milk products to consumers, the Federation and District Cooperative Milk Producers dairies are conducting various quality tests at various levels from the initial stage of milk collection through their quality control units by using modernized testing equipments to ensure the quality milk and milk products to the consumers.

The quality standard certificates were obtained for all dairies and metro dairies such as ISO, FSSAI, BIS, AGMARK and HACCP as a testimony of its quality products.